Ian Johnston

Ian is an Emmy-nominated screenwriter who began his career as a TV critic for The Halifax Daily News.

After summing up his TV-watching life with the book Death By Television, Ian moved on to writing for TV.

He worked for the iconic CBC series Street Cents, whose audience featured a disproportionate number of perverted middle-aged males tuning in to ogle the teenage girl hosts.

His comedy writing includes The Comedy Network’s Liography, which he created and wrote for Leslie Nielsen, House Party (Shot in Winnipeg!), and IFC-America’s The Business.

He also created the sci-fi documentary Famous Monster on the life of fanboy Forrest Ackerman. It premiered at Hollywood’s iconic Egyptian Theatre to an audience that included Ray Bradbury, John Landis and Guillermo Del Toro.

Ian has described video for the blind, and been fired from closed captioning Matlock for the deaf. He does comedy shorts on his own (He hates people), mostly about his cats. Check out Eight MississippisWelcome To Parkdale, the JFK Assassination short Conspiracy, and his upcoming Ghost Squirrel.

Ian lives in Toronto, but is open to moving.