Where do we begin?

The Canadian International Comedy Film Festival was birthed in the Sturgeon Heights Community Club in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 2013. Funded through a grant by a wealthy local family via the Shärt Foundation, we actually started as the Shärt International Comedy Film Festival (SICFF). The financial taps were turned off by season 5 (screw you Deloris Shärt!) and the festival was mired in court proceedings during the 2018 festival, known as our Six Pack – Number 6.  However, thanks to the brilliance of the legal team at Bille Bie Thehauer, that’s all history. We are finally able to rebirth ourselves as the Canadian International Comedy Film Festival – CICFF.

While we’ve had to take off the old hag’s family name, the festival still remains true to its core philosophy — comedy on film is an art and needs a venue to honour that artistic expression. We screen a wide variety of comedy films each year, some with minimal budgets shot on smartphones and others made with stunning production values and stars like Alec Baldwin and Gemma Whelan. Bottom line is, if your film really makes us laugh it’s gonna get in. We appreciate the art and the laughs above all else.

Along the way we’ve had some amazing sponsors, world class filmmakers, and the most important semi-tanked but always appreciative audiences. Come join us again or, for the first time, to taste some of the rebirth as we emerge bigger, stronger, and always funnier.

Your friends in comedy,

Andrew Wall and David Rabsch
Co-founders and co-directors
Canadian International Comedy Film Festival